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Courtney’s #VolsAbroad Experience: UTK Public Relations in Siena

Courtney Harkleroad | Summer 2024

What does the Volunteer Experience mean to you and how has your experience abroad contributed to it?

The Volunteer experience means lifelong learning and connectedness. My experience abroad the first week has further proved this by the bonding between my classmates and staff as well as the CET staff helping us in Siena.


What skills or experiences have you had in your time abroad to prepare you for life beyond UT?

Our study abroad has only just started and my experiences have already began teaching me about other cultures and how many similarities we have like the fan loyalty we have to UT sports is similar to the contrada communities in Siena.


“Global Engagement is important because it allows for more perspectives to be taken under consideration. -Courtney Harkleroad

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