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Major Guide: Anthropology

Below, are recommended programs for Anthropology majors which have been pre-approved and will allow you to take a full load of major courses.
Check out the programs with internship, research, service-learning, and field work opportunities for a more hands-on Vols Abroad experience.

Sydney opera house and bay area

ISA Rome, Italy: Business, Communications, International Relations & Liberal Arts

Macquarie University

University of Canterbury

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Program Locations: Rome, Italy


Program Type: UT Exchange

Program Location: Sydney, Australia

Program Type: UT Direct

Program Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Program Features: Internship placements available; service-learning opportunities

UTK International Research Opportunities Program

USAC Ireland: Irish Culture Studies and Politics in Cork

USAC Thailand,: Southwest Asian Culture, Politics & Business

Program Type: UT Faculty-directed

Program Locations: Multiple

Programs Feature: Research opportunities

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Program Location: Cork, Ireland

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Program Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Program Features: Internship & field work placements available