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Student on a mountain top during study abroad trip

Types of Programs

UT offers students interested in studying abroad five different types of programs: faculty-directed, affiliate, exchange, direct, and academic internships.

UT Faculty-Directed Programs

UT faculty-directed programs allow you to study abroad under the guidance and supervision of a faculty member with a group of other UT students. These are generally short-term programs that run during mini-term, summer, and spring break.

Check out our Faculty-Directed Frequently Asked Questions Student Guide.

UT Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are coordinated by study abroad organizations and other universities that are in the business of facilitating study abroad experiences for students. These program providers offer the greatest variety of schools and countries to choose from. If you have your heart set on studying at a specific university in a specific country, then a UT Affiliate may be your best option.

UT Exchange Programs

For programs designated “Exchange,” you study at University X, and a student from University X comes to Knoxville to study at UT. Because there is an even swap of students, you generally pay what you would pay if you were spending the semester at UT (tuition, fees, and sometimes room and board). Because, in some cases, there is an even exchange of students, the number of students who can participate may be limited. To participate in an exchange you should be independent, resourceful, and confident.

UT Direct Programs

These programs allow you to enroll directly into a foreign university. Instead of paying tuition to UT as you would on an exchange program, you pay tuition (and usually your housing) to your host institution. Some of our more popular exchange programs also have direct options, so even if you are unable to participate on an exchange, you frequently can study at the same university through direct enrollment.

UT Academic Internships

Academic internships enable you to gain practical work experience in a wide variety of fields while earning academic credit. If you choose and are accepted for this type of program, you will be placed in an internship that directly reflects or relates to your course of study at UT. You have the option of choosing a full-time summer internship or a part-time internship combined with a traditional study abroad program.