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Meet the Team

Who We Are & What We Do

It takes a mighty team to support program abroad advising for The University of Tennessee – a higher education institution with an undergraduate enrollment of over 25,000 per semester. This is why, in addition to our central office, there are coordinators embedded in colleges across campus who are ready to provide specialized advising to students based on college:

Don’t see your college listed? No worries! Our dedicated team of staff and student peer advisors working out of the central office in the Center for Global Engagement are here to assist and guide UT students & their support network, faculty & advisors, and #VolsAbroad alumni, as well as our partners across campus and around the world. We are a collaborative team of experienced professionals with expertise in fields across the international education spectrum and students with a passion for global engagement.

Center for Global Engagement | Programs Abroad Office 
1620 Melrose Avenue, G103 | Knoxville, TN 37996
O: 865-974-3177 | Web:

Programs Abroad Roll Call



Tessa Takash

Program Coordinator

Advising Oversight:
  • UT in Milan
  • UT in Florence
  • Exchange programs
  • Direct programs


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About me:

All students should take advantage of the international experiences available at UT – whether they go abroad or engage right here on campus. These opportunities for intercultural engagement allow students to cultivate relationships with individuals unlike themselves; learn from other’s varied life experiences; and develop a sense of empathy and global responsibility.

Christian Canizales

Program Coordinator

Advising Oversight:
  • College of Arts and Sciences: Last Names A-L
  • College of Nursing
  • Undeclared/Exploratory
  • College of Social Work


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About me:

From my time spent studying and researching abroad, I have realized the immeasurable benefits of international experiential learning. Studying abroad encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and rely on the personal, professional, and academic skills that you have collected over your lifetime.

Lindsay Shope

Program Coordinator

Advising Oversight:
  • College of Arts and Sciences: Last Names M-S
  • College of Law
  • Internships
  • International Research
  • Architecture and Design


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About me:


Joshua Spurling

Program Coordinator

Advising Oversight:
  • College of Arts and Sciences: Last Names T-Z
  • College of Communication & Information
  • Tickle College of Engineering
  • Education, Heath and Human Sciences


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About me:

I am a firm believer that just one person encouraging another can open them up to stepping out of their comfort zone and taking a chance on something that can dramatically change their lives. As a UT and Programs Abroad alum, I am incredibly proud to be in a position where I can give back to our current Volunteers so that they can find their own life changing opportunities. It’s my passion to show others that engaging globally creates a deepened sense of connectedness, humanity, and an awareness that there is far more beyond our own perspective.


Kate Scott

Director of Programs Abroad

Administrative Oversight:







About me:


Annalise Bryant

Assistant Director of Programs Abroad

Administrative Oversight:
  • Departmental leadership
  • Innovative program management and development
  • Global strategic planning and visioning
  • Global health and safety support
  • Partnership development
  • Compliance and best practices


About me:

I believe our perceptions and beliefs are shaped by what we have seen and experienced, and we should be intentional about creating opportunities to see and experience as much as we can – see how others live and experience life, see how others communicate, celebrate, and engage cross culturally, and see how we can be different as a result. Going abroad gives us a glimpse into all of that, and it’s a true joy to help others experience the same!”

Goeritz, Gisela

Gisela Goeritz

Financial Associate

Administrative Oversight:
  • Program accounts
  • Reconciliation
  • Contract processing
  • Vendor setups and payment
  • Faculty travel
  • Partnership agreements
  • Student billing


About me:

I love to support bringing study abroad travel on the way, so that faculty can show students the world, which I think is very important for their personal development.”

Meet the Team: Peer Advisor Edition


Lauren Dial (she/her)

About me:

“I am most excited to get more students involved and introduced to study abroad programs as well as help student start the process of living out their abroad dreams.”

#outofstatestudent #womeninengineering #askmeaboutAdele #facultydirectedprogram

Azaria Boyd (she/her)


About me:

“I enjoy the thrill of life, fun adventures, and adrenaline! I am looking forward to sharing my newfound knowledge and experiences with other students who are looking to study abroad. I am excited to connect with students to help them navigate this life-changing journey. “

#CIEE #semesterstudyabroad #firstgenabroad

Jake Tasman (he/him)

About me:

“I am a very outgoing person who loves to make new friends. I’m very excited to help others wanting to study abroad and help give them the best experience.”

#internabroad #summerstudyabroad #firstgenabroad


Amelia Flavin (she/her)

About me:

“I am most excited to be able to connect with other students about their study abroad experience and ease their worries of any concerns they may have!”

#HaslamAbroad #summerstudyabroad #UTinBarcelona #ISA


Christian DePriest (he/him)


About me:

“I’d like to try my best to provide the best knowledge for others to get as much value from their experience abroad as I did. Additionally, I’d like to invite others that are hesitant or avoidant of an experience abroad to learn about how extremely positive studying abroad can be.”

#exchangestudent #USAC #askmeaboutabroadmusicfestivals

Kate Henry (she/her)


About me:

“I am most looking forward to meeting people who share my love of travel and appreciation for the far reaches of the world. I am excited to work with the Vols Abroad team and recruit more students for programs that will surely change their lives!”

#hostfamilylove #studyabroadsophomore #facultydirectedprogram

Kendal Willis (she/her)


About me:

“I am so excited to share my own incredible experience abroad, so that it helps motivate more students to take this opportunity!”

#birthdayabroad #studyabroadfreshman #facultydirectedprogram