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Financial Aid FAQ

Once it has been determined that some or all of your financial aid can be used for your study abroad program, your financial aid can be applied to your UT charges.

It depends. Your financial aid is calculated based on the cost of attending UT. For consideration of additional funds, contact One Stop Student Services.

In order to receive most financial aid awards, except Pell Grant, for a semester abroad, you must be registered in the equivalent of at least 12 UT credit hours. If you register in less than the equivalent of 12 UT credit hours, you may receive less financial aid. If your foreign transcript indicates registration in fewer credit hours than the number of credit hours in which you originally registered, you may be required to repay financial aid funds. For students studying abroad during a summer term, you must be registered in the equivalent of at least 6 UT credit hours.

If you have remaining eligibility and are registered in the equivalent of at least 6 UT credit hours, you may request HOPE funds to study abroad at a recognized institution.

Financial aid for programs abroad students is released according to the published UT timeline. Payments to host universities or affiliate programs are often due prior to these published dates, including programs in the Southern Hemisphere that begin the fall semester in July or early August (spring semester begins in February, long after the UT semester begins). Contact your host institution or affiliate program for their recommendation as to how to pay your bill. Some will allow you to sign a promissory note stating that as soon as your financial aid arrives you will pay them immediately. The program provider may request that someone in the UT Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (One Stop) confirm the amount of financial aid you will receive.

Immediately notify the Programs Abroad Office and the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships in writing of any planned changes in your course registration such as withdrawing from the program or dropping course hours. Adjustments may be made to your financial aid awards based on your actions, including repayment of a portion of your financial aid.

In order to receive credits for your education abroad program, arrange with your host institution for an official transcript to be sent to the UT Programs Abroad Office at the end of each semester abroad. The office will then forward the original transcript to Undergraduate Admissions. Transcripts should arrive with Programs Abroad no later than two terms after your education abroad term. Students who do not have abroad credits posted within two terms of returning may be asked to repay the financial aid used while studying abroad. If it appears the transcript will arrive later, please provide written notification to the Programs Abroad Office explaining the situation.

You are responsible for payment of all program fees through UT, your host institution, and/or your affiliate program. Depending on when your payment is due, your financial aid may not have yet been disbursed. UT financial aid is disbursed according to the published UT timeline. Therefore, you may be required to pay some or all of your program fees prior to receiving your financial aid. It is your responsibility to understand what payments are due when and to make arrangements to pay your fees.

Clear all holds, if any, on your registration. The Programs Abroad Office cannot enroll you in the study abroad course if you have any holds. Confirm your attendance each semester, including summer sessions, in the study abroad course, as you would if you were attending classes on the UT campus. The Programs Abroad will enroll you in the study abroad course after you have returned all of your forms to the office. You cannot receive financial aid if you are not registered in the study abroad course!

Information is available on the Funding Opportunities page, or you can obtain information from a financial aid advisor at One Stop.

Yes, you can receive financial aid for mini term. Students registering for summer school (which includes mini-term) can use the HOPE Scholarship, provided you meet the program’s minimum GPA requirements and enroll in at least 6 credit hours.