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Transfer Credit Process

This process is applicable only to to Direct, Exchange and Affiliate programs. It does not apply to UT Faculty-Directed spring break, summer, or mini-term programs.

  1. Before Departure: Submit your ‘Request for Transfer Credit Form’
  2. While Abroad: Complete pre-approved abroad courses
  3. While Abroad/Upon Re-entry: Have your abroad transcript sent directly to our office from the abroad institution

It is imperative that before departure the student completes the Request for Transfer Credit Form and before reentry, makes arrangements for the abroad institution to send academic transcripts directly to our office. Failure to complete these steps could result in delays in the disbursement of the student’s financial aid and scholarship package and/or create a potential delay in financial aid/graduation eligibility. 

The Request for Transfer Credit Form serves two purposes: 

  1. To determine how your selected primary and backup courses abroad will transfer back to UT and satisfy graduation requirements for the student
  2. To determine how your current financial aid package and scholarship will be applied to the cost of your program abroad and disperse the appropriate aid

Please confer with your academic advisor and check your DARS report to determine courses still needed to graduate. Then, check your abroad program brochure/course summaries to identify possible alignment.

It is imperative that the student completes the Request for Transfer Credit Form accessed within their VolsAbroad application before departure. Failure to complete this form in a timely manner could result in delays in the disbursement of the student’s financial aid and scholarship package. It is the student’s responsibility to submit the form accurately and timely and to monitor its progress. Students should be routinely checking to see if the form is delayed or stalled in the workflow process.

If you have successfully submitted your digital form, you should be able to access and view it’s progress by following these steps:

  • Access your form using the Dynamic Forms software at
  • Login with your UT NetID and password. 
  • Click on the ‘My Forms’ section at the top left of the screen, and then you will see two options: Pending/Draft Forms and Forms History.
  • Click ‘Pending Forms’ to view your forms submitted and in process. 
  • Click on the PDF icon to view the document in its current process and any outstanding requirements.
    • If course reviews have been done, a ‘requirement met’ line will appear under the course with the advisor review. Comments may also be added at the bottom of the document. 
    • Digital signatures will appear at the bottom of the document which can help you to see which individuals have signed and what is left. 


The completion of your form does not happen immediately; it will take at least a few weeks to complete. If, after a few weeks you see that it has been in a certain status waiting on a signature, the Programs Abroad Office suggests you reach out to your academic advisor or the Academic Advising Office for the UT College in question to check-in and offer to provide more information. 

*For Haslam College of Business students, you should reach out to the Haslam International Programs and Study Away Office at to check in on your form.

Once your form is fully signed, you will receive a final email from the address  and you will be able to download the final copy by logging into as instructed above and accessing the “My Forms” > “Forms History” section to see your forms completed. 

To resubmit an updated Request for Transfer Credit form, first withdraw the old form. You can access it by following the steps shared in the “Checking on the status of my ‘Request for Transfer Credit Form’ tab and clicking “Withdraw.”

Next, access the form in your program application in the VolsAbroad portal and resubmit with the updated course load.

Prior to returning to the United States from your study abroad program you must arrange to have your transcript sent directly from your host institution/affiliate to the Programs Abroad Office either electronically using the email or by mail at:

1620 Melrose Avenue
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-3531

The transcript will document the credit hours taken abroad and course grades. All hours attempted abroad will count toward your UT attempted hours. Your study abroad grades will not be factored into your UT GPA, but the grades will appear on your UT academic history and official transcript, and will be factored into your Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship HOPE GPA.

If an official foreign transcript is not received by the Programs Abroad Office within two academic terms after completion of your study abroad program, credit hours cannot be posted. Your scholarships and financial aid may be suspended (including the Hope Scholarship) and you may be entered into repayment of funds by the Office of Financial Aid Scholarships for the undocumented hours. If you are not notified of the receipt of your transcript within five months of completion of your study abroad program, contact the Programs Abroad Office.

Course Petitions

There are two different processes you must complete:

  1. Post study abroad credits to your academic history: You will receive notification from the Programs Abroad Office as soon as your study abroad transcript arrives and has been taken to Undergraduate Admissions. You will receive a copy of your transcript, request for transfer credit form that you completed before departure, and a checklist of how to petition for specific credit.
  2. Petition for credits to apply toward major, minor, or general education requirements: This process can take several months, so please begin as soon as you are notified by the Programs Abroad Office that your study abroad transcript has arrived. You will complete the course petition process with your academic advisor.

NOTE: Your official UT transcript will reflect that you studied abroad, the timeframe, the number of credits earned, individual classes, and grades. Keep in mind that, if you plan on applying to graduate or professional school, the original transcripts from your study abroad program may be examined during the application process.