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Major Guides

The Programs Abroad Office has worked with various departments across campus to develop major-specific guides for students that highlight programs which allow students to earn a full course-load worth of major requirements.

If you do not see your major below, please know that you can still study abroad! Drop by our office during our office hours to speak with a Peer Advisor, or meet with a Programs Abroad Coordinator during zoom drop-in advising from 3-5pm Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

Students of all majors are encouraged to use our Advanced Program Search, which allows you to identify programs that offer a particular area of study among other parameters.

Major Guides by College

The College of Architecture & Design requires off-campus study for undergraduate Architecture majors. This requirement can be fulfilled through study abroad or at the Nashville Urban Design Studio. Interior Architecture and Graphic Design majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad, and students in Landscape Architecture have opportunities to study abroad, too.

In general, COAD undergraduate students study off campus during their third year.



Interior Architecture

Graphic Design

Why study in Knoxville for four years when you could be earning credits toward your degree from Prague, Shanghai, or even Lima? Studying abroad will introduce you to a wide variety of international and cultural learning opportunities, including, obtaining practical work experience in your field of interest, or participating in a special project related to your major through research or internship abroad! Give your resume an edge over the competition.

As an Arts & Sciences student, you can chose to fulfill your Connections Requirement by taking 9 credit hours, of any subject, abroad.

*Please note, these guides are not exhaustive lists.


Africana Studies


Art History

Asian Studies






Global Studies


Modern Foreign Language & Literature



Political Science



Studio Art

Studying or interning abroad experience for a CCI student means:

  • Understanding the field of communications from an international perspective
  • Expanding your career opportunities
  • Advancing your cross-cultural and problem solving skills
  • Improving foreign language abilities
  • Fulfilling major, minor and general education requirements
  • Developing a Global Professional Network

Experiences like this may change your life and enhance your career options in many ways. With today’s increasingly interdependent world, the significant cross-cultural experience is often what employers and graduate schools seek.

*Please note, these guides are not exhaustive lists.



Communication Studies

Journalism & Electronic Media

Public Relations

Early planning is key! Students who are interested in studying abroad should talk to their academic advisor very early in their academic career (i.e., freshman year), especially if they are considering a semester-long or year-long study abroad experience. The best time to study abroad is often determined by a student’s specific degree plan.

In general, however, most students who study abroad for a semester or year will do so during their sophomore year before they are immersed in major-specific coursework, which is often difficult to find at universities abroad. Students should talk to their academic advisor about saving general education credits and elective credits for studying abroad.

Students who would rather participate in a short-term study abroad experience during summer should consider UT Faculty-directed programs or UT Affiliate programs. Depending on your major, it may be best for you to also save general education requirements for a summer experience abroad.

For more information, our recommended programs by major are below.

*This is not an exhaustive list.


Audiology and Speech Pathology – coming soon!

Child and Family Studies



Recreation and Sport Management

Retail and Consumer Sciences

Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism Management

Special Education – coming soon!

The continued globalization of the world economy presents companies with new possibilities of market exposure everyday. From Southeast Asia to South America, countries are increasingly engaging in global business opportunities and intertwining with the global economy. In order to create an adaptable workforce, businesses increasingly need young talent with international experience who have shown an ability to adapt to different cultures and successfully do business with people from around the globe.

When it comes to international experience there is no substitute for the real thing: full immersion in a foreign country and culture, working with local communities, navigating local customs, and even learning the local language. For those looking to capture that international advantage, below are some of the best education abroad programs for business majors.

*Please note, these guides are not exhaustive lists. Other programs available through our website may also be viable options.

Most Common Coursework

Pre-Business and Business Core

International Business Collateral/Concentration



Business Analytics



Human Resource Management



Public Administration

Supply Chain Management

Coming soon! In the meantime, explore all our program offerings or reach out to us at for more info.

Global healthcare issues are on the rise, and there is a greater need for healthcare workers from around the world to openly communicate about industry needs, ideas, and solutions. Many study abroad programs for nursing cater specifically to students pursuing nursing degrees, since international experience is so valuable for future nurses.

*Please note, these guides are not exhaustive lists.


Nursing (BSN)

Social work is one of the most important academic and professional fields because it promotes community development, responsibility, social justice, empowerment, and the wellbeing of all people.

Therefore, it is important for social workers to look beyond borders to assist in creating a better quality of life for people through collaboration with professional colleagues around the world. It is also important to acknowledge that the direction of cross-national social work knowledge transmission is hardly limited outward from the U.S., but that there are always lessons to be learned from other countries. Global programs provide opportunities for social work students and educators to exchange ideas, research findings, and experiences with regard to practice opportunities outside realm of one’s own country.

*Please note, these guides are not exhaustive lists.


Social Work (BSSW)

Coming soon! In the meantime, explore all our program offerings or reach out to us at for more info.