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Major Guide: Accounting


Major Coursework

Due to the intrinsically domestic nature of the UT Accounting major (students learn about American accounting practices), no major coursework may be taken abroad. This includes both ACC 203 in the pre-business core and all Accounting major coursework.

Non-major Coursework

Although Accounting majors are not able to take Accounting coursework while abroad, there are many ways to complete business coursework and fulfill other degree requirements abroad. Other types of courses available for study abroad include:

  • General education (ethics, arts & humanities, non-business electives)
  • Pre-business core (MGT 202, ECON 211 & 213, STAT 201 equivalents)
  • Business core (BULW 301, FINC 301, BUAD 332 equivalents)
  • Foreign language (HCB requires completion through intermediate level)
  • Collateral / concentration


Accounting students interested in taking coursework abroad should consider the following when selecting a time of year to go abroad:

  • Pre-business core courses are taken during freshman or sophomore year; pre-business core courses can be taken during the summer prior to sophomore or junior year.
  • Business students typically spend one summer interning before graduation. Mini-term programs (typically 2-3 weeks in May after the completion of finals) are great ways to study abroad and be back in time for an internship.
  • Collateral / concentration courses can only be taken abroad after the successful completion of all pre-business core courses.
  • Students should not study abroad their final semester at UT if they plan to graduate in May due to the delay in transcript processing.


Selecting Your Collateral/Concentration

Another option of courses to take abroad are through your collateral/concentration. Please refer to your Haslam Student Handbook for all possible combinations.

The International Business (IB) concentration offers the most flexibility in course availability. Please note:

  • All 12 credit hours of IB elective coursework can be taken abroad.
  • Business coursework that is international in scope and upper division (300-400 level) can be counted as an IB elective.

IB courses give students the opportunity to pursue country or region-specific coursework that offers unique insight into international business practices.