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Major Guide: Interior Architecture

There is something to be said for actually going to places like Scandinavia where design innovations are created, generate a buzz, and then become reality. Working with trendsetters in the field and collaborating with passionate designers is a great way to open doors into the industry.

Studying interior design abroad can allow you to work right on the cutting edge of design — something you simply can’t do sitting at home. That said, there are many great design schools in cities across the globe perfect for those looking to take their interior design game to the next level.

Below, are recommended programs for Interior Architecture majors. These programs have been pre-approved and will allow you to take a full load of major courses.

UT Architecture Semester in Tokyo

Program Type: UT Faculty-directed

Program Location: Tokyo, Japan


Quick Look: Spend your semester in Tokyo, Japan’s busy capital that mixes the ultramodern and the traditional, from neon-lit skyscrapers to historic temples.

*This is not an exhaustive list: additional UT Faculty-directed programs for architecture are offered every summer, but this list is not finalised until October.

Copenhagen, Denmark

UTK Finland Summer Architecture Institute

DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia

Program Type: UT Faculty-directed

Program Location: Helsinki, Finland

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Program Locations: Copenhagen, Denmark

Quick Look: This 15-credit hour summer abroad program in Finland focuses on the role of architecture and design within the broader context of the Finnish national cultural identity. Quick Look: Build an understanding of Danish and Scandinavian architecture and design tradition – historic as well as contemporary – through field studies and study tours as well as through exposure to Danish, Scandinavian and European faculty in studio.