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Major Guide: Music

Studying music abroad is the perfect way to jumpstart your career in an industry that is becoming more internationally connected, and one that now demands proficiency in a wide range of global styles and approaches. You’ll get to study a musical style in the place it originated while also experiencing how local or traditional music has been fused into a vibrant and quickly changing contemporary scene.

Below, are recommended programs for Music majors. These programs have been pre-approved and will allow you to take a course load of degree requirements.
*This is not an exhaustive list.

Music Major Guide (PDF version)

VIenna, Austria Athens, Greece

IES Abroad Vienna: Music

ISA Athens: Arts, Business, Liberal Arts & Sciences

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Program Location: Vienna, Austria

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Program Location: Athens, Greece

Quick Look: Home to an astounding number of legendary composers, Vienna maintains an incredible richness of musical culture to this day. Vienna is the perfect location for an engaging study of Music History and Performance. Quick Look: The American College of Greece (ACG) offers a great variety of courses from arts & sciences, fine & performing arts, and business. Courses are taught in English with local and international students.


Sydney opera house and bay area Manchester, UK

Macquarie University

University of Manchester

Program Type: UT Exchange

Program Location: Sydney, Australia

Program Type: UT Exchange

Program Location: Machester, UK

Quick Look: Located just 10 miles from Sydney’s dynamic downtown center, Macquarie University is central to diverse businesses and culture. Quick Look: Located in unique and friendly Manchester, the university was born on progressive principles as the city became the heart of the Industrial Revolution, and was England’s first civic university.

VIenna, Austria

UTK in Bologna

IES Abroad Vienna: Music History & Performance

USAC Ireland: Irish Culture Studies & Politics

Program Type: UT Faculty-directed

Program Location: Bologna, Italy


Program Type: UT Affiliate

Program Location: Vienna, Austria

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Program Locations: Cork, Ireland

Quick Look: Surrounded by hills, Bologna’s city center is still much as it was during the Renaissance with handsome red-colored buildings and medieval palaces amid a thriving university town. Quick Look: Study in a city recognized around the world for its influence on the development of classical music. Quick Look: Cork, the second largest city in Ireland, is located on the south coast of the island. The city boasts international arts, film, and jazz festivals, lively performing arts and a growing artisanal culinary culture.