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Major Guide: Psychology

As you study the human mind and behavior, what better way to learn more about yourself and others than living and learning abroad? Psychology study abroad programs will give you profound new insight into how different cultural norms can influence societies and the individuals who compose them, elevating your perceptiveness both in and outside the classroom.
Below, are recommended programs for psychology majors. These programs have been pre-approved and will allow you to take a full load of psychology courses.

Salamanca plaza ICU campus - cheery blossoms

IES Abroad Salamanca – Psychology

UT in Tokyo: Japan ICU

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Location: Salamanca, Spain

Program Features: Internship and service-learning opportunities

Program Type: UT Exchange

Location: Tokyo, Japan

*Academic Year only

Brisbane panoramic Accra busy street Oslo Opera House reflection

University of Queensland

USAC Ghana: University of Ghana

USAC Norway: University of Oslo

Program Type: UT Direct

Location: Brisbane, Australia


Program Type: UT Affiliate

Location: Accra, Ghana

Program Features: Internship, field work and service-learning opportunities

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Location: Oslo, Norway


Tuscan countryside at sunset Prague city and river view San Jose at night

UTK Cultural Psychology in Italy

UTK Psychology in Prague

CEA San Jose – Spanish Language, Liberal Arts & Environmental Sciences

Program Type: UT Faculty-directed

Locations: Caldana Grosseto, Florence & Rome, Italy

Program Type: UT Faculty-directed

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica


VIenna, Austria Gold Coast skyscrapers behind beach area

IES Vienna Summer – Psychology

UT on the Gold Coast

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Location: Vienna, Austria

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Location: Gold Coast, Australia