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Major Guide: English

[Lead]improve your communication skills, learn about history and the world, and open your eyes to new cultures.[/Lead]
You’ll be amazed by the regional variations of English language and literature that you can find when studying English abroad.

Below, are recommended programs for English majors which have been pre-approved and will allow you to take a full load of major courses.
*This is not an exhaustive list.

English Major Guide (PDF version)

Seoul city view

CEA Galway, Ireland: NUI Galway

ISA Seoul, South Korea: STEM, Business, Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Program Location: Galway, Ireland

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Program Location: Seoul, South Korea

Quick Look: The National University of Ireland Galway hosts 17,000 students on its central campus along the River Corrib. This versatile program allows you to study alongside Irish and other international students. Quick Look: With over 20 million people residing in the Seoul metropolitan area, the capital of South Korea is truly a modern, cosmopolitan, and dazzling city.


Brisbane panoramic

University of Nottingham

University of Queensland

Program Type: UT Exchange

Program Location: Nottingham, UK

Program Type: UT Direct

Program Location: Brisbane, Australia

Quick Look: Offering all the buzz of a big city, Nottingham is one of the UK’s most cosmopolitan: combining proud history with cutting-edge modernity, from the world’s oldest pub to designer boutiques. Quick Look: The University of Queensland is a research-centered university. The main campus is located in the picturesque suburb of St. Lucia and is only seven kilometers from Brisbane’s vibrant city-centre.

Prague city and river view

UTK Summer Theatre Festivals in Ireland, England, and Scotland

SAI Programs – John Cabot University

USAC Czech Republic: Politics, Culture & Art Studies in Prague

Program Type: UT Faculty-directed

Program Locations: Stratford, London & Edinburg, UK

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Program Location: Rome, Italy

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Program Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Quick Look: This program will give you the chance to study stage performances at some of the world’s leading international arts festivals and dramatic venues. Quick Look: John Cabot University (JCU) is an American university located in the historic Trastevere section of Rome; from this vantage, the splendors of the city are within walking distance. Quick Look: Study 1,200 years of architecture and arts in Europe’s most beautiful medieval city. Courses include: post-socialist social change, history, climate change, film, language, art, travel photography, and more.
Accra busy street

USAC Accra: University of Ghana

UT in Milan

Program Type: UT Affiliate

Program Location: Accra, Ghana

Program Feature: Service-learning opportunities

Program Type: UT Direct

Program Location: Milan, Italy

Quick Look: Experience Ghana’s capital of 2.5 million people and visit cultural and historical sites like Mole National Park and the Cape Coast slave castles. Quick Look: The summer sessions consists of several two-week long course options taught in English. Students may mix and customize courses to build a summer program that suits their needs.