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Lillian’s #VolsAbroad Experience: ISA Athens, Greece: Business & Liberal Arts + Honors Courses – Summer

Lillian Ahmadi | Summer 2023

Me and my friend Savannah Vaughn, we are big/little in KD (she’s my little), decided we wanted to go abroad around January. We looked up the places we could go and decided that Athens, Greece was too beautiful to pass up. It was a very spontaneous decision but I’m so glad we did it. We just wanted to do something different and step out of our comfort zones. I’m so glad we did because it has opened up so many new opportunities for us and we’ve met so many amazing people. Greece is absolutely beautiful. We’ve been able to travel to different islands and places over the weekends and the experience has absolutely been life changing. Seeing a different part of the world is something everyone should do. It has really helped me understand the beauty in life and the world. Our program started on June 25th and ends July 26th. We are planning a trip after the program ends because we loved Europe so much that we want to see more of it!

What does the Volunteer Experience mean to you and how has your experience abroad contributed to it?

The Volunteer Experience gives me a sense of home. I always know that even when I’m abroad, I can come back to the best school with the best group of people. I’ve met people from all over the country here and whenever I tell them about UT they immediately want to come visit. I love my school and I love that I get to share that with people across the globe.

What skills or experiences have you had in your time abroad to prepare you for life beyond UT?

I’ve learned a lot about how to adjust to a completely new environment. I know now that I can take on anything and that I want to branch out into the world after I get my degree. I want to see the world and meet as many different people as I can.

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