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Jake’s #VolsAbroad Experience: UTK International Academic Internship – Hong Kong

Jake Tasman | Summer 2023

I completed an international business internship over the past summer working for Peachtree Playthings, a toy and stationery manufacturing company. I lived in Hong Kong but also traveled into mainland China, as well as Thailand to visit different factories. The experience was unbelievable and I learned so many invaluable skills on how to conduct business in an international setting. Hong Kong is such an amazing place to visit and I highly recommend anyone thinking about studying/interning abroad to look into going over to Asia.

What does the Volunteer Experience mean to you and how has your experience abroad contributed to it?

I have gotten to see so many different students travel for studying abroad and now that I finally was able to go and work in a place like Hong Kong I wish I would’ve taken more opportunities in the past to study abroad.

What skills or experiences have you had in your time abroad to prepare you for life beyond UT?

I have learned to be able to adapt and live in a completely different culture than I am used. It has broadened my horizons in many different aspects, whether it be with trying various new foods or traveling to experience the different cultures around the world. My experiences abroad have also given me the communication skills to connect with anyone in any setting with the capability to perform in a working environment at a high level.

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