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CGE Storyteller: Cam Breeden | Money Management While Abroad

   Cam Breeden | Spring 2024

       Hello! This is Cam Breeden, and I’m super glad to be checking back in with you on another blog post. My time as a study abroad student here in Florence, Italy is quickly coming to an end, and I thought it would be good to share with you some money management tips if you decide to study here yourself. Having learned long ago that money does not simply grow on trees, I told myself before my study abroad journey began that I would be smart when it came to my spending habits here in Florence. So far, I’m happy to say that things have turned out well on the financial side of things during my time abroad, and I’m going to be using this blog as an opportunity to share some money management tips with you all. 

To start things off, make sure to utilize your kitchen! Being in Italy, it can be hard to resist eating out every night at the countless lovely restaurants that this city has to offer. With that being said, many grocery stores around the city of Florence have high-quality Italian ingredients that you can use to make a great meal for a cheaper price. If you choose to participate in the same program that I am currently doing with Lorenzo de’ Medici, your apartment will come equipped with all the utensils that you may need to use in the kitchen. 

Next, I do want to take some time to discuss having meals at cafes and restaurants here in Florence. Many of the cafes serve as great options when it comes to grabbing a quick breakfast or brunch to get your day started. Having a fresh croissant and nice coffee for less than 5 euros is hard to beat, and most cafes double as a great study spot if you’re looking to get some work done. When it comes to restaurants, I’ve learned that you don’t always have to pursue the places with the highest online ratings and largest crowds. My roommates and I have had so many good experiences just going out and stumbling across a little local spot that more often than not, has great food. 

All in all, I feel that it is essential to find a balance between making your meals and eating out. If you’re looking to travel on weekends during your time abroad like so many students do, don’t be afraid to ask locals or search online to find nice and affordable places to eat. Going back to my last blog post, also take advantage of the many different travel methods that many of these cities abroad have to offer. A lot of times, these turn out to be much cheaper and more effective methods of seeing the city as opposed to Ubering* everywhere. Managing money can be a daunting thought that sometimes deters individuals from wanting to study abroad, but I just want to stress that you can still have a great time abroad while still watching your wallet. That’s all I have for you this time, ciao!


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