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Jazmin’s #VolsAbroad Experience: UT in Barcelona with ISA

Jazmin Elias | Summer 2023

Hi, my name is Jazmin Elias and I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain in the Summer of 2023! I chose to do the program UT in Barcelona through an international program called ISA. It has been such a fun and rewarding trip as I got to travel to Europe for the first time as well as take classes for my collateral in International Business. Barcelona is such a beautiful city with lots of culture, good food, a nice beach, and endless activities to do with your friends. Through ISA, I got to meet some amazing people who I have made great memories with and even got to explore more countries with.

I had the opportunity to travel to Morocco, France, and Austria as well as Valencia on the weekends. This experience is definitely one I will remember for the rest of my life and I got to meet so many locals that I plan to keep in touch with. The classes were very manageable and I had great professors who I connected with. Overall, I had the best time abroad and I am so glad I had the opportunity to go.

What does the Volunteer Experience mean to you and how has your experience abroad contributed to it?

The Volunteer Experience is about learning and trying new things to further develop your character and grow as a young professional. Through my experience abroad, I was able to learn about international finance and business as well as learn how to adapt to the Spanish lifestyle and culture.

What skills or experiences have you had in your time abroad to prepare you for life beyond UT?

Some skills I learned while abroad that I will find useful is intercultural communication and adaptability. I believe being able to learn and communicate with locals is very important to immerse yourself into the different culture and show how interested you are into their lifestyle. I also learned to adapt myself to different situations and places as well as be flexible with your schedule and preferences.

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