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CGE Influencer: Taylor Moore | The First Culture Shock

Acclimatizing to Japan’s Weather

I have been studying abroad at Kansai Gaidai University for around a month now, and if I have learned anything, it would be to come better prepared for the season! It’s currently fall, so the weather is the hottest it gets here in Japan. Most days it’s in mid-90°s and incredibly humid. Tennessee weather actually isn’t too different, so it is manageable. However, I think it should be pointed out that Japan is a much more conservative society, so wearing more modest clothing is the norm. 

Even when it’s 100° and there’s an 80% humidity level, you will see most people in pants and long sleeves. You, by no means, have to conform to this, but just be prepared for some staring! There are also lots of other foreign students at KGU, so you might see some other foreigners in the area wear shorts and short sleeves, but as a good rule of thumb, try to dress modestly.

I also recommend bringing a good sunscreen, a portable fan, and an umbrella! Although it sounds surprising, most Japanese people carry umbrellas to protect against the sun, so you will rarely find days where you can’t use it. The beginning of fall is also typhoon season! So, I promise that umbrella will come in handy no matter the weather here.

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